Ena Kuromiya

We are very excited to announce that Ena Kuromiya has joined us at Arté.  With a knack for precision cutting and styling, Ena’s creativity and passion work together to create gorgeous looks whether styled or left to the element of chance.  Ena is available Tuesday-Saturday, call us to make an appointment!


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Ena Kuromiya

Beauty in Transition

Stylists Working in Mobile Salon

At it’s most basic Beauty in Transition is an inspirational project that takes a mobile salon to homeless shelters throughout New York City. But it is so much more than that, it is an opportunity for people who are struggling to reach the basic needs of food and shelter to indulge in something just for them, to relax and to feel cared for. Jody Wood, the brains and brawns behind the project explores what real equality looks like.

Here is a video about how the project has helped some of the women in shelters across NYC:

We at Arte Salon are familiar with the unique connection between a hair stylist and the person being styled. Getting your hair done is an almost therapeutic experience and it is unfortunate that money is a barrier to experiencing this special relationship. We are so proud that some of our stylists have generously donated their time to this project and we wish Jody all the best of luck.

 If you want to get involved with this wonderful project find details here.

Beauty in Transition